Steve Garvin was born in the sleepy town of Winfield, Illinois in the summer of 1990. In his formative years, Steve would borrow from his older brothers’ vast digital music libraries, discovering bands like the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, and the American Analog Set. Although an avid listener of music, he didn’t pick up guitar until age 19, while a freshman at Villanova University, partially inspired by a dorm-mate who was prone to covering Dispatch.

Steve practiced furiously to make up for lost time, learning surf rock classics and songs by indie darlings Real Estate, Girls, and Surfer Blood. Shortly thereafter, he set out to learn the craft of songwriting, and wishing to learn from the best, he dove head-first into the Beatles. He is now deeply indebted to John Lennon in particular for informing his ideas around song structures and key changes. Steve also enjoys reading widely and shallowly.